Sunday, 28 January 2018

I'm so excited that after two months of posting my review about the Marc Jacobs Mascara, I was selected for another voxbox from influenster. This time it was to try out Marc Jacobs new Highliners. :D Thank you influenster for sending me these. 

The packaging is exactly like the mascara. Sleek and modern. Each high liner is retractable and even has a built in sharpener, which I didn't actually know about until I read the booklet and did some more research. The little black end pops out to reveal a little sharpener. That makes them more awesome than they already are. There are 25 shades and are priced at £20 each which coming from me is so pricey. I added up the mascara and two high-liners and almost passed out at the fact I was holding £60 of make up in my palm. But that's expected with a name like Marc Jacobs and it is a luxury product but I still can't get my head around spending £62 on makeup that will run out when I can buy around 3 games for that price with replay value. Eek.  BUT saying that £20 is what I expect from the quality that comes with these high-liners.

The formula of these high-liners are incredible. As you can see from my swatch, that is one swipe and is intensely pigmented. They glided on my skin like butter. I've never felt a liner quite like these, but then again I haven't really dabbled in anything other than high street makeup. It's smooth and creamy and can be smoked out for that nighttime look. 

I received the shades Earth(Quake) , which is a dark chocolatey brown, perfect for subtle eyeliner flicks (which are harder to do because the nib is a little chunky but it is achievable) and a softer nude look and Pink Of Me, which is a very light pink. I placed Pink of Me on my lower lash line and it instantly make my eyes bigger with a pop of colour. 

All of the high-liners are waterproof but will wipe off pretty easily with a makeup remover and claim a 12 hour wear on top of the lid but a six to nine hours wear on the waterline. It also dries down quite quickly so if your wanting to smudge the liner out, you better work fast.

You can buy these high-liners here in the UK at John Lewis! Give them a try for your next treat, trust me you won't be disappointed.


- colour variety
- pigmented
- waterproof
- glides on easily
- creamy formula
- sneaky built in sharpener


- Chunky nip regardless of sharpening
- £20 is still a lot (but that's just me)

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