Monday, 12 February 2018

It's moments that matter and Valentine's Day is still an exception to this whether or not you think it's one big giant corporate scam or just a lovely little tradition. This valentines day, spent it with the ones you love. Whether it's your partner in crime, family or friends. Don't single out Valentines Day as for couples. Here are some moments I have printed using Printiki* featuring some special people in my life.

Spend the day with your best friend (before they go out for a romantic meal with the other half) and treat them to a cup of tea and some cake. Tell them you are thankful for having them in your life. Give them a cute card, it doesn't have to have a big red heart on it, go for cute puppies or something that reminds you of your friendship together. Take them out for cocktails and have a good laugh. I love doing all these things with my best friend just to let her know that I care for her, even when it isn't valentines day (she has a bf for the soppy stuff) #friendshipgoals 

Call up a family member and tell them you love them. Perhaps you have a family member that lives alone or just needs a reminder that you are there for them. Send them a message and let them know you are thinking of them. Even just popping round and helping with the shopping or cleaning would mean so much to someone. Heck, give your pet a huge cuddle and give them all the treats. 

And if you're one half of a couple, why not spend some quality time with them. I know my hubby is always busy with work and only gets weekends off and I go to work as he gets up to get ready for work, so we are always passing ships. Quality couple time (as well as time by yourself) is essential. We miss each other all the time due to our schedules and this might be the same for others. So this valentines, treat them to a home cooked meal or head out for food, it doesn't even need to be a fancy restaurant, a McDonald's will do. Get them their favourite choccy bar instead of a giant box of expensive chocolates that were on sale just because it's valentines. It's all about how you think of them, not the price of the balloons or gimmicky teddies that are displayed in every shop window (even those shop windows are cute af). Maybes you just wanna chill on the sofa with a big blanket, cups of tea, get snugly and binge watch a tv show on Netflix or have a gaming session. 
Whatever you choose to do this valentines day. Fill it with laughter and love. 

With the help of Printiki, you too can print those moments you love just like I have. Cherish them. Stick them to you fridge, walls, in a photo album. Or keep them off social media and just have something only you and your loved ones can see in person. I plan to find some frames for these and have them displayed in my living room!

I decided to get my prints without a boarder and some of them in a little heart shape, which is adorable and for 30 prints it costed around £8. I can't fault the service at all and with economy shipping my prints came quite fast. The website is easy to use and you can choose a variety of social media platforms, your PC or a phone to upload your photos. 

Use my code  DS5SFRH6 at the checkout on Printiki for FREE SHIPPING and it also helps me out as I get free prints :D 


*I was gifted with a voucher code by Printiki in collaboration with this post, all opinions are my own*

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