Tuesday, 20 February 2018

I don't normally sway from my everyday perfumes that I love, but occasionally I will dip into the sea of scents and find new perfumes to wear. Usually if you took a big ole' whiff of me. You'd find that I'll be wearing either Britney Spear's Fantasy or Zoella's Gelato Mist. But lately I've been reaching for a new perfume. And that is Accessorize's Lovelily*

I'm a sucker for sleek and pretty packaging when it comes to perfumes. And this bottle is cute af with an unusual shape. I've always been a fan of quirky bottles. From Jean Paul Gautier's designs to simple hourglass bottles. I even used to collect miniature perfume bottles thanks to a family friend of mine. I remember she had a cabinet full of tiny bottles and I would always be in awe of them. Maybe's that kick started my love of tiny items.

The top notes are Bergamot, Raspberry and Orange while middle notes are jasmine and lily of the valley and the base is vanilla & musk. While I'm not the biggest fan of musky perfumes or any type of spray with a musky smell, this perfume still appeals to me. Maybes it's the fruity/floral scent that draws me in. I'm a big fan of fruity scents or fresh scents. So dipping into a fruity/floral scent is a huge deal for me. The musk actually compliments the fruity scents very well. And isn't too overwhelming or powering. Spray on pulse points for a lasting scent, but if you just want a spritz and not worried whether or not the scent lasts the entire day then just spray over clothing. It has around 6-7 hours of life before needing  a top up spray.

This scent would be perfect for anyone to be honest. I hate labelling whether or not a scent is for a specific group of people. If you like a smell, you like it. Spray what you wanna spray and rock those scents. You can find this perfume over on their website and over at The Fragrance Shop and retails for around £18 to £19 depending on where you buy from. Which is great value for what you get.

Whats your current go to perfume?

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