Sunday, 18 February 2018

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The last time I ever binge read a series and loved it so much was Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series when it first came out (before the hype and films) I'm not ashamed to admit that. Coming close was the Dollanganger Series by VC Andrews & The Oak Knoll series by Tami Hoag. But since watching the film and loving it so much, I purchased the book by Jojo Moyes. Then half way through reading, I went on amazon and ordered After You, the sequel. Knowing fine well that I wanted to carry on Lou's story. Still Me, the third in the series is hanging about in shops and I will get my hands on a copy on my next payday. But I've just finished After You. And I'm still on the Louisa Clark high.

Firstly, Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin did such a tremendous job as Lou and Will. It was easier picturing them in my head while reading the book. I do wish they had kept in a few pivotal moments from the book in the film, aside from one or two bits and pieces, the film stayed quite true to the book. The moment's I would have loved to see were Lou and Will get tattoos. Even though there was a nod to the bumblebee, I still would have liked to see them bond over this. As well as Louisa's horrible attack when she was in the castle maze.  But I guess you can't win them all. I did read somewhere that they had tried to write the maze scene into the film but it never really fit. 

I'm not one to watch Rom-Com's and when I do, I'm quite picky. Love, Rosie is another film I adore and funnily enough also stars Sam Claflin. (He's quite good at being in a romcom and I completely forgot he was in the Hunger Games) but Me Before You tugged on heart strings that I never knew I had. I cried like a baby. I sobbed my heart out during the final scenes. And I tried to hold back tears on the metro as I read the last chapter while heading to work. goddamn you Moyes, you suckered me into this fictional character's life and now I can't escape from it. I've watched the bleeding film 4 times in the last month. The yellow stripy tights scene will always be my favourite. Emilia is just a bundle of cuteness and I love the meaning of that scene too. I ended up watching the deleted scenes and many interviews on youtube afterwards too. Now if I could just get it on blu-ray so I can stop playing it on Netflix, that would be great. I'm sure some poor soul who works at Netflix is sick of me clicking on this film.

However, what the shitting hell was After You. My heart was pounding so fast near the end of the book and don't even get me started on the fact that Lou didn't make the best of what Will had left her. Lou's new love interest just didn't interest me at all. He was adorable, just not Will adorable, ya know. But I am excited to read Still Me and hopefully there is more Nathan in the book because he's one of my favourite characters. I think Me Before You will be cherished in my book collection and will have a place in my heart for many years.
Have you read the Me Before You series and did you enjoy it?

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