Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Winter Wonderland is part of the Snowella 2017 Christmas Range, but recently I popped into Superdrug and sound them at a discounted price. The Hand Cream was a whopping 99p and the mini perfumes were £4.99 and I have to thank my momma for picking them up for me. I love a bargain and so does my mum.

Ok. Do I really need another hand cream in my ever growing collection of hand creams? yes. I do. One for each bag I have and one for each day of the week. And I use my hand's a lot during my job so it's always nice to keep my hands from drying out. Zoella's Winter Wonderland hand cream is fresh. It smells fresh. I don't even know how to explain it. It's like cotton wool outside on a crisp day, abit like when you're outside and smell your mums laundry hanging up on the washing line and you get that fresh laundry smell wafting in the air. Yeah that's my description of this and sticking to it.

The packaging is very Zoella/Blogger-Esq type. Simple and clean and I like the little Nordic type trees and  signature copper/rose gold detailing. I'm pretty sure before the superdrug sale, this little 90ml hand cream was £5. Maybes a little more.  Since her Christmas ranges don't stick around, these won't be around much longer but I do have a spare hand cream for a future giveaway.

After using it a few times, its made my hands very soft and while rubbing it into my skin i noticed it didn't have that greasy feeling that some hand creams have. Which is wonderful because there is nothing worse than excess oily hand creams. As I type, I keep rubbing my hands together to feel how soft they are. Bravo Zoe. Yer Hand creams are the bees knees.

If I'm correct, the mini perfumes used to be around £12? I think they are still available to buy on the Superdrug website. But I have to admit, the original price was pretty expensive considering the size of these bottles. Now I'm all for mini things. They are super adorable. But I'm pretty sure each of these spray mists will last for around 5 or 6 sprays before I run out.

I'm actually sad that I didn't pick up the gingerbread and vanilla scents when they originally were out as it was my favourite out of the four sprays. I already have the Gelato spray and I quite like it. There is literally a spray for each season. The only scent I didn't really like was Blissful Mistful. There are missing sprays including "Sweet inspirations" and  "Let's Spritz" which would have been nice to add to this collection as well. I'm side eyeing you, zoella's team. I suppose you could just buy the other collection but why not put them all together?!
Snowella, just like the hand cream smells like I'm spraying cotton wool on a crisp day all over myself. It's nice and fresh and it doesn't remind me of snow or winter in the slightest. It's a very generic fresh scent. 

Zoe, if you ever read this, which I doubt, but if you do.. Bring back the gingerbread range. cheers, love.

Are you a fan of Zoella's beauty range? What is your favourite scent so far?

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