Saturday, 17 March 2018

Image Credit: EA

Finally, Electronic Arts have released their mobile game for The Sims. We already have The Sims Freeplay on the market which is riddled with app purchases and horrible wait times. But what does this game offer?! Before you get super excited, lemme tell you that this mobile game is the same as every game out there. There are wait times during game play and in app purchases but it's not as ridiculous as it's sister app that is "Freeplay" which is also made by EA. Come on, EA. Did you really need two versions of a mobile sim game? Was "Freeplay" a tester. And Free play is a loose word for that game since I could hardly do anything but wait for something to be built. No body has time to wait for a piece of furniture to be built for 24 hours. NOBODY.