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I love doing a good question tag. I've done the Harry Potter Tag last blogtober and a few autumn ones. I found this Buffy The Vampire Slayer tag on Youtube and thought I would do one here. I'm a huge fan of Buffy and I know a few people on Twitter are as well. I tag anyone who is a fan of Buffy and has a blog or youtube channel!

1. Favourite Episode
This is a tough one because I have many favourite episodes of Buffy. From the musical 'once more with feeling' to 'prophecy girl', 'innocence' to 'this years girl' but my favourite episode is 'the wish' (season 3 episode 9) When Cordelia wishes to Anya that Buffy Summers never came to Sunnydale. Cue an upside down world where Buffy is almost a mixture of Kendra and Faith. All of Buffy's friends are vampires, captured or dead. The ending of this episode is absolutely beautiful. Morbid but beautiful.

2. Favourite Season
It's a choice between season one and season 3. I really loved season three mainly because of Faith and The Mayor. I thought they were both amazing characters. A few of my favourite episodes are in this season too! Such as 'faith, hope and trick', 'band candy', 'doppelgangland' amongst many others. It was an all round good season and I prefer it much more than season four. I guess I really loved the high school years.

3. Least Favourite Episode
I have quite a few. Mainly season four although it did have its good episodes. But I really disliked 'bad eggs', 'ted', 'go fish' , 'first date' and 'where the wild things are'. All very good contenders for least favourite episode. 'Ted' creeps me out a lot and I think I hated 'bad eggs' and 'go fish' when I first watched them. 'Where the wild things are' is such , in my opinion, a boring episode. I couldn't have given two craps about Buffy and Riley's night of passion literally manifesting around them. Don't even get me started on some of the episodes in the Angel Series.

4. Buffyverse OTP.
I will forever be a Bangel Fan. I really disliked Spike with Buffy. I also really loved the idea of Faith and Angel together. Willow and Kennedy never did it for me. But Buffy and Angel were forever. 

5. Favourite Major/Minor Character
My favourite character out of the original scooby gang is Buffy and also Cordelia but as the seasons go on I loved Faith and Oz. Faith was the opposite of Buffy and I would have loved to see her have her own show. She went from misunderstood Slayer to Villain to Redeemed Slayer throughout her story line. She was also pretty bad ass. Oz was chilled af and I loved his character, even when he left Willow, came back and seen Angel in LA. I would have loved to see more story-lines with Oz and his werewolf counterpart. I used to love Spike and I adored him when he crossed over to Angel and felt like Season 2 and 4 of Buffy was his highlight. When he tried to rape Buffy in 'seeing red' that was it for me. I couldn't stand him being around Buffy.

6. Favourite Quote
"Seize the moment because tomorrow ya might be dead"

7. Favourite Villain
Glory, she only wanted to go home. Season 5 was such a bad season overall in my mind.

8. Biggest WTF moment
The cheese guy in Season four's episode 'Restless'

9. Death that made you cry the most
Normally people would say Joyce or Tara but I think Buffy's death in 'The gift' was the saddest. She sacrificed herself and the when she tells everyone she was pulled from heaven is heartbreaking as she would have been with her Mom. Seeing Spike break down was heartbreaking and I could only imagine how Angel took the news. I can't remember if they showed his reaction. I must re-watch Angel at some point.

10. Last Episode you saw/read
I'm currently on the Season eight comic book, reading through issues 11-20.

Who was your favourite Buffy Character?

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