Tuesday, 2 October 2018

I didn't have a photo so this Buffy Gif is a place holder for now and relateable. Fall is my favourite time for TV shows because all of my current tv obsessions air new seasons. I already have a ton of tv shows to watch but I'm adding to my list.

Here is what I'll be watching while getting cosy on the sofa with a cup of gingerbread tea!

The Walking Dead| Season 9 is airing next week. Rick Grimes is leaving us. But hello Norman Reedus. I can't wait to see what Daryl gets up to this season. He is my favourite character. Maggie is also leaving this season so it should be interesting to see what direction they head in. I just want more Jesus and Negan to be honest. I've been invested in this show since I started binge watching it earlier this year. I'll also be starting Fear The Walking Dead season two.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina| Since I found out this was being made, I got so excited! I've read the first comic in the series a while ago and found it really interesting. It's nothing like our beloved Sabrina played by Melissa Joan Hart and I cannot wait for this retelling of our fave witch. This is not a reboot. This is a new story. I can't wait to get cosy and binge this on Netflix.

The Discovery of Witches|I've just started watching this. Based on the book with the same name. It follows Diana, a witch who accesses an ancient book and must solve its secrets with the help of Clairmont, a vampire. And witches should never trust a vampire. So far so good.

How To Get Away With Murder| I am obsessed with this show. Its now onto it's fifth season and its not slowing down. Every season there is a murder and every year it sucks me into it's cliffhangers and the abs of Frank. I can't wait to find out whats going on this season. Watch it. You'll be on a rollercoaster keeping up with Annalise and Co.

American Horror Story|This theme is Apocalypse and this year will be combining the seasons Murder House and Coven along with this years theme. I'm so excited as Murder House is one of my fave seasons in AHS. Apocalypse is heavy on the victorian fallout look and I'm living for it. Evan Peters is amazing as always and I can't wait to see both Evan and Sarah to play more than one character! So far I've really enjoyed this season and will continue to watch.

Riverdale|Archie was arrested in the previous season. I really want to see where they take Riverdale this season. And I'm so happy that Cheryl became a Serpent last season too! I watch way too many shows but I don't care. Just give me more Jughead Jones.

Charmed (reboot)| Okay, so a part of me doesn't want to watch a single episode of this show. No one asked for a reboot of Charmed. The original show will always be badass and one of my all time favorite shows but I'll be watching this to see what they changed and to get a feel for it. I just wish they could have continued the Halliwell line and not rebooted!

Legacies| From the same people that teared my heart out during The Vampire Diaries and The Originals comes another TV show following Klaus Mikelson's daughter Hope and the Salvatore School. This show will probably end on a heartbreaker like everything else and I can't wait.

Will you be watching any of these??! :D


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