Monday, 17 December 2018

the snowmanLast year I wrote a post about Fenwick window's Christmas theme. Which was Paddington Bear and it was adorable. This year, Fenwick have put The Snowman as it's theme for 2018. To coincide with The Snowman's 40th anniversary. As you walk towards the window, the music "We're walking in the air" can be heard.

The Window
The Snowman tells the story about a boy named James who wakes up at midnight to find the snowman he built has come alive. He goes on a journey with him on a motorcycle followed by a flight to the north pole for a party and to meet some reindeer until The Snowman comes to his demise as he melts.

This year across from Fenwick's, Greggs have placed their sign backwards so it's readable in the windows reflection which i thought was a bloody great idea, shame Burger King didn't get the memo.

Here are some photos of the window! :D

the snowman
the snowman
the snowman
the snowman
the snowman
the snowman

I also wrote about the international christmas market last year too! And this year it's back. Most of it was exactly the same from my last post but this year they had yorkshire pudding wraps! nomnonnom. Considering it was £7 for one, my friend and I decided to go for some spicy german sausage (ooer) cue the photo of me eating one. I awkwardly at my sausage due to the fact I just had a tooth extraction the day beforehand. I would have eaten a lot more from the stalls if I could open my mouth more. The market always smells divine and this year was no exception. Every time I walked to work an array of different smells wafted past my nose.

The Christmas Market is something I love to check out with my best friend. It's becoming a yearly tradition and I love having a Christmas tradition. We bought some expensive baubles for my tree and for her extended family and I also bought some "chocolate kisses" which I also got last year. Basically they are like marshmallow teacakes but different flavors and they were so yummy. I had gotten Ferrero Roche, Mint, Baileys, Gingerbread and another flavor I can't remember. The gingerbread was my favourite. And it wouldn't be a day in England without some rain. It decided to pour down on us as we took a gander at the stalls.

yorkshire pudding wrap

I've heard Manchester has an amazing Christmas market. We've decided one year we shall visit. Do you guys have any places you like to go before Christmas to feel festive and cheerful?! have you got any traditions?

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