Thursday, 31 January 2019


Happy new year everyone! It's the end of January and the weather is still bashing my face. It's drier than Gandhi's flipflop and I'm in deep need of some moisture. I've been gifted RosehipPlus oil and since its the new year I thought this would be the perfect time to incorporate this oil into my skincare routine and see what the fuss is all about. Come through Rosehip!

RosehipPlus Skincare is an Australian brand which have branched out into the UK. Their products include this oil, a roll on version of Rosehip oil, Daily Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Day Cream and a Nourishing Night Cream. They launched their Rosehip Oil in September 2012 and two years later, their day and night cream. So they've been at it for quite some time, winning various beauty awards along the journey.


Rosehip is a fruit oil that has been extracted from seeds of rosehip from the southern regions of Chile, rosehip is a berry like fruit that grows wild on rose bushes and is left behind after a rose has flowered and dropped it's petals. For centuries Rosehip were known as one of nature's richest sources of vitamin c and packed with various minerals and antioxidants offering great benefits.


Rosehip Oil has been cold pressed from seed to bottle which means its extracted without heat, solvents or chemicals guaranteeing the oils purity and quality. The naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and A and essential fatty acids help to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized even on the most sensitive skin. It can help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks and scars as well as soothing sunburn.


The bottle comes with a classic drip applicator, you just need a couple of drops onto the face for coverage, you can even use it on your body too. I found it extremely hard to open it and had to get my husband to crack it open. The oil had gotten into the grooves of the top, dried and crusted which made it difficult to screw open but we eventually got it open.

After trying it out for a couple of weeks I quite liked it. It made my face very shiny as oils normally do, so I prefered to use this before bed. The shininess did die down after an hour and a bit so if you were to use it in the morning before work please let it settle before adding make-up and going about your day. I have dry skin with mild rosacea on my cheeks. So I like to target those areas to help with the skin pigmentation. Every so often I would break out in spots which aside from the bumpy skin & rosacea on my jaw area, I rarely get spots. I think the oil sunk into my pores too much and that's where the problem started. Mostly around my nose where make-up usually breaks down. But anywhere else I had dabbed the oil into my face was completely fine and really hydrated my skin especially in the morning when I used it during the night time. It left no oily residue afterwards either, which I was very please about. 

Has it become part of my routine? Yes and No. I like using it maybes twice a week when I need a good amount of hydration. It was hard to tell if it reduced the appearance of my chickenpox scars but it helped with my dry skin. 
Would I purchase after using this one up? Honestly probably not. I'm still not used to putting oils on my face after years of having oily skin in high school (As puberty ended so did my oily skin) and the price tag is not in my range for skincare. I have seen cheaper alternatives but if you want to try a brand that has cruelty free and vegan oils for your skincare needs then I think you should definitely try out Rosehip Plus.

Rosehip Oil is cruelty free and vegan & Prices start from £13!

- Reduces the appearance of stretchmarks
- Reduce the appearance of scars
- Maintain skin hydration
- Improves the appearance of dry skin
- Vegan Friendly
- Helps with Sun Damaged Skin
- Reduces the appearance of skin pigmentation
- Certified Organic.
- No Oily Residue 

CONS (that you can live with)
- Can make you break out into spots
- Shiny skin for a few hours.

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